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Our Generation Radio

May 4, 2019: The "Listen Live" link above is working again!  But just in case there is an alternative connection at Tune-In Click here to play on Tune-In.

OGR was established in 2008 by old school radio broadcasters who wanted to bring back radio as we knew it back in the heyday of music radio. We are one of the longest running Internet Broadcasters today. We are members of the National Association of Internet Broadcasters - WOGR-DB!

Welcome to Our Generation Radio! 

Our Generation Radio has just added a Chat room for listeners. Click on chat in the menu bar above to join with our presenters and other audience members during live shows. 

 Most of our DJs also monitor their Facebook pages while on the air. You can find those links to Facebook on our DJs Page. 

We hope you enjoy our station especially our live DJs who work hard to bring you radio, the way it used to be. Live and FUN!  The way our founders wanted it!